Take a look at our Bankruptcy Disclosures

Per the Bankruptcy Code, all debt relief agencies have to provide certain information to people seeking assistance. The Bankruptcy Code defines a “debt relief agency” as any person who provides bankruptcy assistance, including attorneys.

You can take a look at the bankruptcy disclosures mentioned below to get an understanding of how bankruptcy works. Call us to learn more about our bankruptcy services.

Our Bankruptcy Disclosures

As a debt relief agency, our law firm provides the following disclosures:


  • Notice to individual debtors under Section 342(b) of the Bankruptcy Code
  • The statement contained in and required by Section 527(b) (Important information about bankruptcy assistance services from an attorney or bankruptcy petition preparer)
  • Information to the assisted person (the debtor) on how to provide all information required by Section 521(b)

Reliable Bankruptcy Services

Put an end to your debts and financial woes by enlisting bankruptcy services from Simonetta & Associates, P.C. Our services include Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Our law firm is located in Syracuse, NY. Contact us today.

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