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Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is commonly referred to as a “wager earners” plan or “debt reorganization”. Chapter 13 bankruptcy eliminates your unsecured debt after a period of 3 to 5 years. It consolidates all your debt and restructures it into a monthly payment plan to be paid over time, usually three to five years. The amount you pay each month will be determined by how much income you bring home each month, your currently monthly expenses, the amount of your non-exempt assets, and how much of your debt has already been paid off. In most cases you pay as little a 1% of the unsecured debt back!

In addition, Chapter 13 bankruptcy also permits you to keep all your assets and property throughout the entire process, as well as possibly paying off only a portion of your debt and discharging the rest of the debt owed.

Where a Chapter 13 really shines is saving your home from foreclosure or tax sale or protecting your car from repossession! Chapter 13 will stop the sale of your home, allow you to resume making your normal monthly mortgage payments and catch up the arrears over a five year period of time! All the while stopping additional interest and late fees from accruing!

We may also be able to completely eliminate your second mortgage if your home is worth less than the first mortgage!

I am, Russell Simonetta, Central New York’s premier bankruptcy lawyer!

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